A Comparative study of Depression among fertile and infertile women in southwestern Nigerian city

  • O Ojo South Metropolitan Health Service, Rockingham Peel Group, Rockingham WA6967, Australia
  • Oluwole Lateef Oluwole 2 Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
Keywords: infertility Nigeria., Depression


Background:  Studies have identified a high prevalence of depression among women with infertility; few studies have explored this association in this environment.

Aims and objectives: the study is aimed at evaluating depression in a group of infertile women; compare the prevalence of depression among this group with prevalence among a control group of fertile women, and to identify demographic characteristics associated with depression in infertile women.

Method: One hundred (n=100) infertile women and one hundred and three (n=103) fertile women as controls were recruited for the study. They were assessed with a socio-demographic questionnaire, the General Health Questionnaire-30 (GHQ-30) and a clinical interview with depression module of the Structure Clinical Interview Schedule for axis I DSM-IV.

Results: The prevalence of depression among infertile women was 32 percent compared with 10.7 percent among the controls. Among the infertile women that were depressed there was a significant association between depression and belonging to  a polygamous family with more than one co wife, menstrual abnormalities, primary infertility.

Conclusion: The infertile women are vulnerable group to depression and will require psychological support.


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