Insights from the Field: A Phenomenological Study of Radiography Students' Computed Tomography Clinical Placement Experiences

CT experiences


  • Bornface Chinene Harare Institute of Technology



Experiences, Radiography students, Computed tomography, Clinical placement, Low-resource setting


Introduction: While there are studies that explore the overall experiences of radiography students during clinical placements, there is a lack of research specifically focusing on the experiences of students in the context of computed tomography (CT). Therefore, this study aimed to understand the experiences of radiography students during their clinical placements in CT imaging at a tertiary institution in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Methods: A qualitative descriptive phenomenological study design employing one-on-one interviews with 15 undergraduate students was conducted. The interview data was managed in Nvivo 12, and the analysis was based on Giorgi’s structured way of analyzing phenomenological data.

Results: The findings show that student's experience during CT clinical placements was diverse and distinct compared to their other placements. Four themes emerged from the interview data that summarised their experiences i. Nervousness ii. Limited CT clinical exposure iii. Theory to Practice Conversion, and iv. Interpersonal skills. Initially, they felt nervous, but later they found the placements to be interesting and challenging. Some students were able to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Students also had an opportunity to improve their interpersonal skills. However, students also faced challenges such as equipment breakdowns and a shortage of consumables. These affected the student's ability to acquire the necessary clinical skills within the given timeframe.

Conclusion: Given the limitations in accessing CT practical experience, innovative strategies such as software simulation-based training, particularly virtual reality CT simulation, are suggested to enhance students' preparedness.


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Insights from the Field: A Phenomenological Study of Radiography Students’ Computed Tomography Clinical Placement Experiences: CT experiences. (2024). Medical Journal of Zambia, 50(4), 367-379.

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