Need for Image Reporting by Radiographers in Zambia

  • Osward Bwanga Midland Regional Hospital at Tullamore
  • Joseph Mulenga Warwick Hospital Warwick, UK
  • Ernest Chanda Cancer Diseases Hospital, Zambia
  • Joseph Mulenga Warwick Hospital
Keywords: Reporting radiographer, radiologist, role extension, plain film radiography


There is a critical shortage of radiologists in Zambia, with only 5 serving the entire population of approximately 17 million. For this reason, most hospitals, especially in rural areas have no radiologist services. This leaves most diagnostic imaging examinations unreported. In order to bring imaging services closer to the families who stand as a point of care, this article addresses the ways and possibilities of having reporting radiographers assisting radiologists in reporting on plain film radiographs. It has further evaluated evidence and research on how this undertaking has worked well in other countries. The article ends by recognising that with postgraduate training in image interpretation and reporting, radiographers (both diploma and degree holders) in Zambia can effectively report on plain film radiographs; thereby improving access to this service for the majority of patients.


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Author Biographies

Osward Bwanga, Midland Regional Hospital at Tullamore

Radiology Department

Joseph Mulenga, Warwick Hospital Warwick, UK

Radiology Department

Joseph Mulenga, Warwick Hospital

Radiology Department, Warwick