Vol. 45 No. (4) 226-229 (2016): High Cervical Meningioma: A Patient Case Report and Literature Review

Cervical spine meningiomas are uncommon. They
present with motor, sensory and other nonspecific
symptoms like pain. We present a first case at our
hospital. A 33yr old female presented with 5months
history of spastic quadriparesis, gait ataxia and pain
and forceful contractions of the left upper limb. She
had been seen in different health centres and
diagnosed as conversion disorder. Brain CT was
normal, C-spine CT showed a 2*3cm homogenous
lesion at C2-C3.Simpsons 2 resection was done with
no complications. Post-operative physical
rehabilitation with physiotherapy was instituted
with good recovery. By 6 weeks' post-operative, she
was ambulating without support.

Published: 17-05-2023

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