Vol. 45 No. (4) 172-178 (2018): Characteristics that influence the acceptance of pregnant women to participate in observational studies

This work aims to investigate whether there are
reports in the literature about the role of the
recruiter's characteristics on participation in
research projects focused on gestational women.
A bibliographic search was performed in SCIELO,
Redalyc, Latindex, MEDLINE (through PubMed),
SCOPUS and Web of Knowledge of articles
published in English or Spanish with the search
terms: Participation in research, informed consent,
motivation and influence, reasons to participate in
clinical research, recruitment characteristics.
We conclude that sociodemographic characteristics
and perception of risk are important in the decisionmaking
process of pregnant women to decide a
positive answer when being asked to participate in a

Published: 16-05-2023

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