Guidelines For Reviewers

(Adapted from the Forum for African Medical Editors Suggestions for Journal Guidelines for Reviewers, Entebbe, April 2005.)

Reviewers need to register with the journal prior to reviewing submitions or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the process.

  1. Topic: Is the topic relevant for the journal?
  2. Title: Does the title reflect the contents of the article?
  3. Originality: Is the work original? (If not, please give references)
  4. Abstract: To what extent does the abstract reflect aspects of the study: background, Objectives, methods, results and conclusions?
  5. Introduction/Background: Is the study rationale adequately described?
  6. Objectives: Are the study objectives clearly stated?
  7. Methodology: (please provide examples and evidence for your response, do not simply Answer yes or no)
    • To what extent is the study design appropriate for the objectives?
    • Is the sample size appropriate and adequately justified?
    • Is the sampling technique appropriate and adequately described?
    • How well are the methods and instruments of data collection described?
    • How well are techniques to minimize bias/errors documented?
  8. Ethical Consideration: Are issues related to ethics adequately described? (For human studies, has ethical approval been obtained)
  9. Analysis and results:
    • Are the methods of data analysis appropriate?
    • Is statistical significance well documented (e.g. as confidence intervals or P-value)?
    • Are the findings presented logically with appropriate displays and explanations?
  10. Discussion:
    • How ell are the key findings stated?
    • To what extent have differences or similarities with other studies been discussed and reasons for these given?
    • Are the implications of these findings clearly articulated?
  11. Conclusion(s): Do the results justify the conclusion(s)
  12. References:
    • Are they appropriate and relevant?
    • Are they up to date?
    • Do they follow the recommended style?
    • Are they any errors?
  13. Writing: Is the paper clearly written?
    • Are there problems with the grammar/spelling/language?
    • Is the paper presented logically (collect information in each section, logical flow of Arguments)?


Please select one of the following recommendations:

  • The paper can be published as it is
  • The paper can be published with minor revision as suggested
  • The paper can be published with major revisions as suggested

If you choose this option, do you want to review the revised paper Yes/No

  • The paper is not acceptable to be published in this journal
  • Other (explain)…………………………………………………………………

Do you want your name revealed to the author? Yes/No

Please state any relevant competing interests

Please provide specific suggestions to improve the manuscript