The practice of clinical social work in Namibia

A review of literature

Keywords: clinical social work, namibia, challenges, opportunities


Clinical social workers are essential in the provision of mental health services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders in the community. They have a crucial role in improving and maintaining the mental health functioning of individuals. The extent to which clinical social work services are used in Namibia is poorly understood. This paper examines the evolution and practice of clinical social work in Namibia based on review of documentary evidence. Results  indicated that there is a great need for clinical social work services in Namibia as the field is relatively unknown with most social workers doing general social work duties. Challenges and solutions are discussed.


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Chipare, M., Mupazvihwo, T., Tapera, R., & January, J. (2020). The practice of clinical social work in Namibia. Medical Journal of Zambia, 47(3), 235 - 240. Retrieved from
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